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Public Art In Droitwich Spa

1. Town Centre

Public Art Mozaic

The panel upon the wall of Wilkinson's depicts Droitwich Spa’s Roman history until the early modern period. Amongst the historical events featured is King Ethelbald granting Evesham Abbey the right to a Droitwich salt pit, King John granting salt rights to the burgess of Droitwich in, St Richard in his bishops robes and Edward Winslow , Pilgrim Father.

St Andrew Square features a bronze statue of Edward Winslow of Droitwich. Born in 1595 in the town and baptised in St Peters Church, he was one of the founding fathers of America who sailed on the Mayfower in 1620 . He was governor there for many years. The statue was sculpted by  Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie.

Salt Workers Statue

This clay mural created by Philippa Threlfall is located in St. Andrews Square, installed in 1975 to enhance the shopping centre. The most prominent buildings of Droitwich are featured: the Brine baths, the Raven (manor house) , canal bridge and Chateau Impney amongst others.

The John McKena sculpture of salt workers statue in Victoria Square was unveiled in 1998 . It depicts a family of salt workers working in challenging conditions to produce salt from the brine. The manufacture involved all able members of the family, young and old. Evaporation to get to the salt was carried out using large iron pans, heated by furnaces.

2. The Church of the Sacred Heart 

Sacred Heart Church

The interior of the Church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Catherine of Alexandria located on the Worcester Road is a must see! Covered in millions of Italian glass mosaic tiles, it depicts the life of Saint Richard De Wyche and other biblical scenes.

3. Lido Park

Wooden Carving Statue

Near to the lido are two wooden carved statues depicting a salt worker and a 'spa man'. Both sculptures were carved by artist Tom Harvey . The spa man, unveiled in 2008, was carved after a tree was struck by lightening and the salt worker (shown), carved when a tree was removed, was unveiled in 2015.

As you walk towards St Peter's church look out for an animal mural created with the help of local children, as well as the elephant crests studded across the bridge!

4. Vines Park

Across the road from Waitrose, on the other side of the bridge is a mural tucked away in the shrubs. Take a closer look and you will find a mosaic created by Alison Ogle in partnership with local school children. The mural depicts famous scenes and artefacts from Droitwich’s rich history. Items include briquetting pots (used to store salt), St Richard, Chateau Impney , the Raven Hotel, Priory House, Ancient Britain and Roman Britain.

Also located in Vines Park is a statue of St Richard de Wyche. Born in Droitwich he was believed to have been responsible for the miraculous return of the brine following a dry period in the late 1240's, much to the relief of the poverty-stricken to townsfolk.

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