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The historic town of Droitwich Spa: Surrounded by the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, it is a town of great charm offering its visitors plenty to see and enjoy.

The town has been the site of a settled community for over 2000 years. It owes its existence to the natural brine springs which emanate from subterranean beds of pure rock salt 2000ft below the ground. Dissolved by underground springs, artesian pressure forces the sale to the surface as brine. It's density and buoyancy are only rivalled by the Dead Sea.

droitwich salt
droitwich salt
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Let us take you on a journey…

Enjoy learning about 100 years of Churchfields Farm, the history of Droitwich Salt and it’s relaunch as a 21st Century business.

You will see how the working dairy farm has diversified to become a renewable energy enterprise and artisan saltworks.

Chateau Impney

John Corbett was born in 1817 at Brierley Hill and worked in his father’s canal business to gain capital; with it, in his late twenties, he purchased six acres of land comprising a derelict brine works outside Stoke Prior near Bromsgrove.

In 1854, he began building his salt works, which became the largest, most modern and most successful in Europe, earning him the title of  ‘Salt King’.

Droitwich Spa Lido

The town of Droitwich Spa is situated on vast deposits of salt, which has been extracted there for centuries. The town’s natural brine contains 2½ lbs of salt per gallon – ten times stronger than sea water and rivalled only by the Dead Sea.

When the Droitwich Spa Lido originally opened in 1935, diluted brine was pumped from local streams and was used to keep the pool aseptic, without the need for additional chemicals. The lido was heated to the exact temperature of the Mediterranean Sea and was marketed as the ‘seaside of Droitwich Spa’. The Mediterranean feel was spoken of in the press at the time.

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