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St Andrews Church 

in the centre of town originates from 1290 when the original church was destroyed in a great fire which enveloped the whole settlement. The small chapel is dedicated to St Richard de Wyche and the font is from 17th century origin. Subsidence caused the bell tower to be dismantled in 1928 and the bells remain stored inside the church to this day.

St. Augustine's Church

The Church on the Hill. Dodderhill is the oldest site of any of the Droitwich Churches. There was a Roman fort on this hill, and although we don't know when the first church was built here, there was an Anglo-Saxon church on this site, almost certainly first a wooden one, and then a stone building. It was significant enough for St Wulfstan to acquire the living of St Augustine's for the priory of Worcester.

St Peters Church

Dates from different periods in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Edward Winslow one of the Pilgrim Fathers was baptised here.

St Peters Church

The Church of the Sacred Heart & St Catherine of Alexandria

on the Worcester Road has a magnificent mosaic interior, hand crafted from millions of Italian glass tiles and depicts the life of Saint Richard de Wyche and Bible stories.

Sacred Heart Church

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