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Droitwich Trail App

A fun quiz to play whilst you are in the town of Drotwich. View the map and move around the town, answering the questions that show on the map. As you answer questions, you collect points. The more questions you get correct, the more points you are given.

In addition to the quiz, you can watch exclusive to this app videos explaining more about the town. And if you are lucky - what is said may help you answer the questions!


  • Map of Droitwich showing the local points of interest.
  • Ability to favourite these areas to return to them quickly
  • Clicking on a local point of interest gives you more information on point of interest
  • Fun interactive quiz to play - each point has a quiz question where you can collect points should you press the correct answer
  • Videos of two important characters from Droitwich's history to give you more information on the areas
  • Settings to choose which character can guide you.
  • Ability to make notes on the areas of most interest to you

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