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At Bell’s we are passionate about bringing you the taste of home grown fruit and vegetables.

We grow nearly 200 varieties of fruit and vegetables in the 40 acres surrounding the Farm shop to give you the best taste for the longest season. We are proud to show you where your food comes from and we are happy tell you how it is grown. 

Picking Your Own means you can pick exactly the size, ripeness and amount of fruit and vegetables that you want - it doesn’t get any fresher! Our PYO Field map at the Farm shop shows you where the tastiest fruit and vegetables are today. Below is only a small selection of what we have to offer, please download our calendar for our full range. 

Picking Times

  • Eating Apples - Mid August - October
  • Bramley Cooking Apples - Late August - October
  • Vegetables Cabbages, cauliflowers, potatoes, carrots, and lots more - June - March
  • Marrows - Mid July - Early November
  • Strawberries - June - July
  • Raspberries - Late June - September
  • Plums - Late July - September
  • Sweetcorn - Mid August - September
  • Pumpkins - October

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