Medieval Artefact

A unique medieval roof finial dating to the late 13th century was donated to Droitwich Spa Heritage Centre from Fortis Living on the 15th February 2017. 


The artefact, recovered in 1999, has been in the care of Fortis Living since its discovery during excavations carried out prior to the erection of their offices on Queen Street in Droitwich town centre.

This roof finial is a rare late 13th century ceramic artefact of a man riding a horse. Covered in a vibrant green glaze, the finial would have stood out from the tiled rooftop it was fitted to and attracted attention from passers-by and townsfolk. The artefact is likely to have been made in Worcester by potters and been specially commissioned to go on a town house in Droitwich.

Horses with riders are generally associated with wealthier people and shows that Droitwich was a prosperous town in the medieval period. The horse rider on the artefact appears to have been wearing a crown which could represent a royal connection to the house it was on.

Heritage Manager Lisa Backhouse comments, “Due to its date, it is probable that the finial was added to a new house built following the Great Fire of Droitwich in 1290 which destroyed most of the town. The intricate detail on the finial is very unusual and unlike anything I have seen on similar artefacts of the same period. We are thrilled to have been gifted the finial and look forward to adding it to the Medieval Droitwich Exhibition in the museum in April.”


Date of Handover: 15th February 2017

CONTACT DETAILS: Lisa Backhouse Heritage Manager
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